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  • 365 Days Travelled – My Year of Travelling

    Wow. Today marks a major milestone for me. Incase you missed the title, exactly one year ago today Ben and I boarded a one way flight to Bangkok to embark on our biggest trip to date. Two weeks of goodbyes, dinners, drinks and get together with family and friends all building up to that day. […]

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  • Life Updates: Where Have I Been…

    Hey gang. It goes without saying that I’ve been super inactive lately (sorry about that…) but I have an explanation. So when I’m not busy doing amazing super fun travel things I’m usually doing super boring things like work – ew. It just so happens that my most recent job meant I was in a […]

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  • 24 Hours in Charlotte

    24 Hours in Charlotte Many people rave about the great American road trip. In fact, I can’t wait to head stateside to take a road trip in the near future. My only problem is squeezing in all the activities on offer! As a serial planner, I’ve already researched each destination and planned my itinerary. So […]