The Great Australian Road Trip Itinerary

I’m a very good planner. I write lists, make checklists and at one point even created a day by day itinerary of a trip (tragic I know). Although over time I’ve learned that you can’t plan everything and expect real life to go that way, I do still think there’s great value in good preparation. I discovered Roadtrippers¬†whilst planning a route for our enormous Brisbane-Melbourne (+ a little West Coast trip) road trip itinerary. I cannot vouch for the website enough, it’s so helpful for finding campsites, natural sites and other attractions as well as the added benefit of it tracking your miles, route and fuel costs (wow)… Enough about Roadtrippers, here is (roughly) the route we took from Brisbane to Melbourne:

The Great Australian Road Trip on Roadtrippers

So after following that mammoth road trip itinerary over the course of 3 weeks we flew out of Melbourne to Perth and spent another week exploring the city and driving up the coast to Kalbarri (will put that itinerary in with the Part 4 post).

Without doubt the Australian road trip was an adventure; there were highs and lows (mainly highs) and although things didn’t always go to plan (camper breakdowns, extra value super noodle dinners and an early return) having a good idea of what we were doing/where we were going definitely helped me remain sane during the lows!

Road Trip

Over the next two weeks I’ll be adding a series of posts recounting every leg of the trip with lots of photos, tips and advice about what I learned from my first time road tripping! So stay tuned for stunning landscapes, hilariously tragic tales from the road and an insight into #VanLife…

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