Inside My Flight Bag

So by the time you’re reading this I’ll already be sunning myself in Majorca, if you follow me on insta you might already have guessed that… So in advance of my trip myself and Jose Gonzalez from Rebateszone have created some tips and tricks to help you get organised with your packing – will be posting that tomorrow so check back for a link.

But seen as it’s going to take me a while to compile all of my Majorca photos into one post I thought why not give you a little insight into the trip beforehand… so here is my fully packed flight bag ready for the 2.5 hour flight to Palma!


So here’s the full checklist:
The bag – I go for soft bags so that they can easily be stowed under my chair and if you’re taking a carry on suitcase it’s helpful to be able to stash your flight bag inside incase of carry on luggage restrictions
Books – The Road Less Travelled and The Secret helping me get focused on my goals while I’m away
Cameras – I bring two: my Samsung nx mini for high quality pictures day to day and my Sony action camera (with waterproof case) for more active excursions, boat trips and underwater shots
Toiletries – I like to have hand cream, lip balm and eye drops to combat the dryness from airplane air and I also bring lip gloss, perfume and gum to freshen up before arrival
Power bar – Mine is the mpow thor portable charger, perfect for recharging my phone/iPad during any long waits in airports
Phone and iPad – I know the whole point of a holiday is to switch off but I just can’t resist posting holiday photos as they happen!
Passport – duh…

For live updates of my trip follow me on instagram , otherwise stay tuned for more on my trip to Majorca!

Abbie May Travel