Packing Tips and Tricks for Travel

The weather is pleasant and you have made good time to the camping ground. You are satisfied with your mates who seem to be doing just fine. Finally, you reach the good old place and everything looks just spectacular. Tent setup takes some time, but with some help everything is set up. You think it is time to have a nice drink and open the cooler. Alas! It only has flavored water in it. But, it is a small setback. You take it out and have a drink. Then you feel that you should probably wash up and change. You open up the backpack and the unfathomable has happened: somehow the shampoo is all over your favorite photogenic clothes.

It’s pretty much a horror story from there on. We have all had these mishaps sometime or another. Some of us learn from our mistakes, while others like to live dangerously and face the consequences. But, if you are one of those people who would rather take some precautions than have your clothes ruined, know that there are things that can make the whole process fail safe. Packing efficiently isn’t that difficult in the end. You can have all your photographs in your best outdoor clothes, looking and feeling fresh without having to carry 3 suitcases. Let’s start with toiletries. It is best practice to keep them in a separate sealed polythene bag to prevent them from ruining anything else in case of leakage. But, it all starts with making a list of items and selecting the correct bag. For hiking and camping, we recommend backpacks from Backcountry, with adequate weight distribution to reduce the strain. You can fit in more clothes if you use the rolling method. It won’t wrinkle them drastically and consume less space.

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have arranged some of the best tips and tricks in the following infographic just for you. Go through them and you will pretty much master packing.
Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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