That Elusive Bikini Body

So today I wanted to talk about something that I’m not entirely comfortable with as it’s such a personal topic. The whole bikini body/summer body/beach body concept.

Here I am, 3 weeks after returning from an all inclusive holiday I’m still yet to break back into my usual diet and exercise regime – and I feel sooooo bad about it. Then it dawned on me… why? Why do I feel so guilty about a 3 week lapse in my usual routine? I think we can all be a little hard on ourselves sometimes about school grades, work performance, our annoying quirks and our appearance…. but for me every summer without fail I scrutinise my body, hone in on every flaw and become focused on this goal of getting that perfect bikini body.

Without getting too deep I decided to share my body positive tips to getting that bikini body:


The number one criteria for a bikini body is putting your favourite bikini on your body (tan is totally optional). Confidence comes in many different forms but for me a fancy new bikini will have me whipping of my kaftan at the first hint of sunshine. Steer clear of overly complicated trends, if you’re not comfortable in it why wear it?!


Not every angle is your best angle – and you’re only human soooo whatever. Oh twisting my spine and arching my back like this doesn’t look natural? Shock. Bad pictures and bad memories definitely do not go hand in hand. I see myself as extremely unphotogenic (again I know we’re our own worst critics but seriously you haven’t seen the evidence) but if you’re living life for the insta pics you miss out on all the not so photo-worthy small moments. Enjoy each moment, capture them all and don’t fret if the lighting is soooo off or the angle is just not working – because who cares.


Remember where you are. You’re on holiday duhhh. The time to relax, switch off and enjoy yourself – so do just that. With views like that ^^^ what does it matter if you’re soooo bloated from those croissants at breakfast.


And finally, confidence is key. For some it comes naturally but for the rest of us we have to fake it ’til we make it. My biggest piece of advice would be to just grin and bare it (yes bare not bear because bare that bikini body ya feel me) – because nothing looks better than confidence and a smile.

Abbie May Travel