Thailand Trippin’ – A Sneak Peek

Phi Phi, Thailand

You could say that it’s been a while! I got back from Thailand almost a month ago now and with a combination of millions of photos to edit, a crazy busy work schedule and lots of jam packed weekends my time for blogging has been pretty limited… But I’m back at my keyboard tapping away with lots to share.

Thailand was sooooo much fun and I have heaps of photos to share in the coming posts so keep your eyes peeled for content on #TravelTuesday and maybe a few gems over the weekend. For now, enjoy a short but sweet compilation of my video footage from the trip. I’m no video pro so go easy on me but hopefully it does the job of capturing the amazing time spent in Thailand. (p.s. I love a classic Ben oneliner, possible only funny to me but enjoy)

That’s all I’ve got to share for now but stay tuned for my photo diary coming on Tuesday. With some itinerary, tips and more Thailand content over the next couple of weeks. Check out my instagram for more shots of my trip. Also totally unrelated but I’ve been bombarded with spam lately so I’ve disabled comments 🙁 . But please do get in touch via instagram. Love to hear your thoughts and be back soon.

Abbie May Travel