Thailand Best Bits – My Trip in Six Shots

Palm Trees on Patong Beach

Evening all… so today I was originally planning on posting a photo diary of my trip to Thailand. Then it dawned on me that I have faaar too much to tell you all about my trip to simply post some photos and leave it at that. So instead, today I’ll be sharing my Thailand best bits. Out of hundreds of photos I’ve narrowed down six. These six photos have happy memories tied to them so enjoy the views and if you fancy reading the soppy captions then enjoy that too 🙂


Thailand Best Bits - First night

Views from the beautiful rooftop bar at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok. This was our first night in Thailand and the bustling city of Bangkok took it’s toll on us. We spent the night on the hotel rooftop taking in the views. With amazing cocktails, a glistening skyline and super attentive staff we couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to Thailand. Just looking back at this shot gives me that ‘first night in a new place’ buzz.

Thailand Best Bits - Patong Beach

If you didn’t drink cocktails out of a pineapple did you really visit Thailand? Kidding. But seriously does anything capture the laid back, island vibes quite like drinking from a fruit? Looks great on the gram too… lols. After our first proper day of slumming it (going from Hilton luxury to backpackers in Patong) we needed a stiff drink. Day 1 of winging it was a success, we found an amazing hostel in Patong – Lupta Hostel. This photo just makes me think of a day spent trawling the streets of a new city, exploring and soaking up the atmosphere.

Thailand Best Bits - Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Phuket. Totally ended up here by mistake which is a funny story. So we woke up this day with the intention of renting a moped and driving down to Karon beach, 20 minutes away should be dead easy. Unfortunately the rental shop we stumbled across had no more moped that day (we got pit to the post by a big group that took all of them). Rather than walking 300m to the next shop we decided to take the next best thing. A huge yellow, super powerful motorbike. The kind that you have to lean reallllll far to steer. Needless to say a terrifying 15 minutes later, with my terrible navigation and Ben’s attempt to control this wild motorbike we wound up at Paradise Beach. This hilarious ride comes to mind whenever I see photos of Paradise Beach. The beach itself was okay. A private beach with watersports, sunbeds and restaurants. Kinda pricey but probably worthwhile for one of their party events – we were in low season so not so lively.

Thailand Best Bits - Phi Phi

Longtail boats. White sand. Crystal clear water. I don’t think anything sums up the Phi Phi Islands better. We sat with this view for 3 hours waiting for our ferry to Koh Lanta and honestly I wasn’t bored once. Watching the boats come in and out could entertain me alllll day.

Thailand Best Bits - Phi Phi lookout

There’s nothing I love more than little adventures with Ben. However… when you’ve had food poisoning?Thai tummy?drank bad water??? and been sick for 48 hours straight maybe hiking up thousands of stairs isn’t the right kind of adventure. So just getting this high was a struggle. We then tried walking to the next view point. 20 minutes and a steep incline later we were keeled over on the edge of the path with legs shaking like jelly. Needless to say we didn’t make the second viewpoint. Ah well, we tried.

Thailand Best Bits - Koh Lanta

This is probably my favourite photo of the whole trip. Walking along Khlong Khong beach at sunset, was soooo peaceful. We were finally recovering from our mystery illness, the weather had been beautiful all day and the sky was performing magic tricks for us. The photos don’t do the scene justice. We spent a lovely evening dining at a beachfront restaurant, watching the sunset.

There are so many places I’ve mentioned in this post that are worth a recommendation so do check them out, I’ll also be writing up some more detail about my favourite spots so do keep your eyes out!

Abbie May Travel