Bangkok to Chiangmai

Today is my 5th day in Thailand so it seems only right to give a little overview of what I’ve been up to so far. A lot has been squeezed into 5 days!

Day 1 Monday – We landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 8pm, by the time we cleared customs and jumped in a taxi to our hostel it was around 9:45pm. FYI a cab from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khaosan area cost us around 600 baht. After checking in and showering (16 hours of flying eww) we went for a little wander around the area and booked our sleeper bus for the following night. We stayed in Bangkok back in October and are not huuuge fans so we’re pretty happy to move on swiftly… We had a great stay at 3Howw Hostel Khaosan, check out my post on that here.


Day 2 Tuesday – Starting to feel a little more human after a good nights sleep we enjoyed breakfast alfresco outside the hostel. We had a few a errands to run before leaving the city so dashed about getting visa photos, contact lenses and a towel (well done Ben!), then had a relaxed afternoon eating lunch in the city and people watching. Tuesday night we embarked on the 12 hour journey to Chiangmai. It all started with our hostel pick up arriving and turning out to be just 1 man on a motorbike – for two people, two backpacks, a front pack, a cross body bag and a carrier bag of snacks…. The journey itself wasn’t too bad. We napped, we ate, we tried to get the right balance between drinking enough water to stay hydrated and not drinking too much so that we have to use the bus toilet. 5am we arrive in Chiangmai.

Day 3 Wednesday – Well at 5am we arrived at a petrol station just outside of Chiangmai and were told this was our final stop. Here we changed into two smaller pickup trucks and were charged an extra 60 baht for transfer to our hostels – despite us all being told our tickets covered this….uh Thailand. We waited in our hostel reception for the first cafe to open (Cafe 29 opens at 7:30am) devoured a well deserved ‘American breakfast’ with yummy coffee and then set back off to check in. Despite being exhausted we spent the whole day pounding the streets, exploring temples, booking trips and eating all the Thai food we could handle. There’s a great little restaurant just north of Tha Pae Gate, all yellow signs with a chef that cook some behind a screen out front that sells dishes from 50 baht!

Day 4 Thursday – Yesterday was our first big activity day. We decided to take a cab out to visit Dua Thong (Buathong?) waterfalls, the sticky waterfalls. The rocks are all limestone and have a non-slip type feel to them, almost like sandpaper. Will do a whole post on this as it was so much fun!

Day 5 Friday – Today we did the one thing I’ve been looking forward to the most, the elephant sanctuary. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai is the original and in my opinion I couldn’t imagine a better experience! I’ll do a separate post on this too as it was such a fun filled day with lots of photos/videos to share.

Tomorrow we leave Chiangmai for Luang Prabang via the 3 day slow boat trip, I’ll be sure to post about how that goes… in the meantime check out my Instagram @abbiemaytravel for more updates