My Fav 5: Must Do in Laos

Hay ya’ll! So this is the first instalment of a new series of posts. Before I get stuck in here’s what My Fav 5 is all about. I’m going to be ranking my top 5 must see/ must do in various destinations in the hope that I can help future visitors of these places with itinerary planning. Kicking things off we have Laos… In no particular order:

1 – Tubing

Everybody knows about tubing. I’m sure if you’re planning a trip to Laos this is already on your list, if it’s not it should be! Tubing is basically hiring a huge rubber ring, getting dropped off up river and then floating on down with lots of stop offs at bars along the way. Cheap booze. Tanning time. Beaut views. What more could you want? Tubing takes place in Vang Vieng and is a relatively cheap activity, it’ll cost you a little in tube rental but lots of bars offer free shots and cheap drinks so you certainly get your money’s worth. It took us around 4.5 hours from drop off to back to town, we stopped off at 4 bars along the way. Without doubt this is a must do in Laos, even if you’re not a big drinker there’s no reason not to float along and enjoy the views!

Words of wisdom: apply and reapply suncream…. being out in the sun all day you do not want to get burnt. I learned the hard way and ended up with some questionable tan lines.

A Laos must do: tubing

2 – Slow boat

Technically this is a must do in Laos/Thailand but I couldn’t possibly leave it out. This is a beautiful 3 day trip from Chiangmai-Luang Prabang (or vice versa) with stop offs at some charming small towns that you would otherwise miss. You can read my full post on this journey here with extra shots of the trip.

A Laos must do: the slow boat, Pakbeng

3 – Blue lagoon

I was fully debating including this as an attraction as the place itself can be a little overcrowded at times. However, we made the most of the outing by renting bikes and cycling to and from the Blue Lagoon. About 7km each way the ride took us a good 1.5-2 hour round trip but the views en route are incredible. At the Blue Lagoon you’ll find rope swings, jump boards, zorbing and lots of tourists. 

Words of wisdom: arrive early to avoid heaps of tourists. Cycle to and from to enjoy the scenic countryside. You’ll want to stop and take pictures so leave plenty of time and bring water with you. 

A Laos must do: Blue Lagoon

4 – Luang Prabang night market

Running along Sisavangvong Road from 5pm every night you won’t want to miss this. The bustling street market is full of souvenirs, clothing, food and of course Laos whisky (you’ll want to take photos of the bottles containing WHOLE SNAKES. Yep I kid you not. Snakes, scorpions, all sorts in bottles of whisky. Head along for a wander and enjoy some of the yummiest street food in SEA.

A Laos must do: Luang Prabang night market

5 – Kuang Si Falls

Probably the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen so far. An absolute must do if you’re in Luang Prabang. About 45 mins out of town by car these falls will take your breath away. The water is freeeeezing but it’s worth taking a dip in the pools for a closer look at the stunning blue water. Arrive early so you can take some photos of the pools without hoards of people in them.

Words of wisdom: get together a group from your hostel and split the fare for the taxi. We paid 35,000 kip per person (£3.50) by sharing rather than 180,000 kip (£18) to travel alone…. can you imagine!

A Laos must do: Kuang Si falls

Let me know your top 5 and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch… Keep up with my current whereabouts by following me on Instagram @abbiemaytravel

Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel