3 Truths About Backpacking with your Boyfriend

Backpacking with your boyfriend

Don’t we all know that social media can paint this glossy, glowing picture of travel. Even more so when it comes to couples who travel, #relationshipgoals am I right? It can look all sunset kisses, piggy backs in the ocean and romantic dinners. But we all know there’s more to the story than the high exposure, Valencia filtered shots we see on the gram. Here are just a few of the harsh realities of backpacking with your boyfriend.

1. It’s not all romantic hotels and breakfast in bed. In fact it’s very rarely like that. Scrap any plans you have of all that stuff and brace yourself for the least romantic months of your lives. Travelling on a budget is rarely glamorous. You’re going to sleep in 12 bed dorms (& there’s going to be times you’re both stuck with top bunks on opposite sides of the room – eww). Just learn to find romance in the little things, like when he lets you have the bottom bunk without asking <3 TRUE LOVE
2. At least one of you, if not both, are going to be sick at some point. ESPECIALLY if you’re travelling in SEA – avoid the street food all you want, it’ll still get ya eventually. I’m not sure what’s worse: Watching the love of your life projectile vomit in the sink all while being sat on the toilet. Or having the love of your life watch you projectile vomit into the sink while being sat on the toilet. It’s gonna happen. Just move on and try not to bring it up at future dinner parties.
3. You will bicker. Even the most harmonious of couples will argue over something while travelling. But when you’re in paradise at least you only have minor issues to argue over. ‘We need to stop eating 7 Eleven toasties’. ‘Have you brushed your teeth?’. ‘Can I put my (damp, smelly) tshirt in your bag?(so that it doesn’t make my clothes smell)’. Yup all perfect opening lines for a bicker sesh.

I’m gonna stop there before I completely trash your dreams of falling in love and backpacking with your other half around the world. But for all the vomit, snoring in dorms and smelly backpacks it is sooooo worth it. Not only are you making amazing memories, you’re experiencing them with your boyf. So when it all gets a bit much all you need is some beers, a towel and a sunset on the beach.

Backpacking with your

Abbie @ Abbie May Travel