Updates from Wellington – new home, job search & coffee

Wellington waterfront

Heeeeyyyy! Just a quick one to let ya’ll know that I’m alive and well just kicking back in Wellington. Got lots of content from the past 3 months to work on as well as job hunting  so I’m basically on my iPad 25/7 atm. So a few little bits of news from my life to share…

Firstly, you may or may not have realised but the backpacking stint is over for a while. In fact the backpacks are hidden away in the closet for now. After an amazingggg 3 months of exploring SEA were now settled in Wellington for the time being. We’ve got a few little stints we want to do while we’re here and I’ll share some more deets on that soon… but we are mainly here to work for a while, save for our next huuuge trip and get a proper insight into life as a kiwi (lols) while we’re here.

We have a permanent address! Well as permanent as you can get when you’re a couple with very itchy feet. Our house is at the top of a hill in a small village just outside of Wellington. The views are awesome but the walk up the hill is not so great. Getting that cardio in though yassss. We have this lovely little room in a 4 bedroom house, our flat mates are sweeeet and we even have a resident cat. So all is good in the world.

So now we’re here, we’ve got a home and we’ve tasted the unreal coffee. It’s time to get a job and graft for the foreseeable. Ben, being an amazingly talented barber, is working already at arguably the best barbershop in Wellington. Shoutout to all the Wellington residents in need of a dapper haircut or beard trim – check out my boy Ben @ The Gentlemen’s Approach on Grey Street.

Well after that brief roundown of my life I should probably get back to job hunting…

As always keep an eye on my insta for more life updates @abbiemaytravel (currently featuring lots of coffee & winter outfits)

Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel