The Wellington Coffee Crawl: searching for the best coffee in Wellington

Is this the best coffee in Wellington?

Helloooo friends,

As I’m writing this it marks my 17th day in Wellington. Although it’s early days and I’m still getting to know the city I can tell you one thing for sure. Coffee is a thing here. Like coffee is a thing in a lot of places…. but it’s a big thing here. So I’m a biiiig coffee lover – either a cappuccino one sugar or a caramel latte fyi. & here I’m totally spoilt for choice. I’ve tried a fair few different places already and then it dawned on me. I’m only here for a short while (literally + existentially) what if I never know where to get the best coffee in Wellington?

So yup I’m asking all the big questions in life. Seriously though this little thought has been niggling away for a while. Hence the birth of The Wellington Coffee Crawl. I wanna know where to get the best coffee in Wellington. All coffee lovers who might grace Wellington with their presence one day should know where to get the best coffee in Wellington and so here we are!

Finding the best coffee in Wellington, yup that’s the aim of The Wellington Coffee Crawl surprise surprise. I’m on a one woman mission (+ my trusty sidekick/photographer/total babe of a boyfriend) to bring my verdict to you.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be posting pretty much as frequently as I drink coffee (daily probs) and I’ll even be super helpful and keep this post up to date with a live league table. Yup I’m spoiling you with this coffee knowledge.

But what makes a coffee the best coffee I hear you ask? Well ima judge all the coffee in Wellington on someĀ super duper important criteria:

1. Coffee taste. Ovs the most important. You better not burn those beans, nobody digs that.

2. Temperature. I mean this shiz is important to me. Nobody wants to purchase a coffee and have to wait 10 mins until it’s drinkable am I right?

3. Overall coffee shop ambience. Or vibe or atmosphere. Whatever you wanna call it.

And that’s pretty much it. So if you want to find out where to get the best coffee in Wellington as officially voted very officially by me, a coffee expert (self proclaimed but hey) then stay tuned.

Oooo also keep an eye on the gram as always @abbiemaytravel I’ll be posting lots of pics of this little mission I’m sure.

Abbie @ Abbie May Travel