The Wellington Coffee Crawl: Is this the best doughnut in Wellington…

Hellloooo friends! Hope everyone kick started their weekend with lots of fun and food – I certainly did. So today I want to tell you all about my first stop in the hunt for the best coffee in Wellington. Yup, this is it The Wellington Coffee Crawl. Let me tell you…. the first venue did not disappoint.

Does this place serve the best coffee in Wellington...

Saturday morning, we had a huuuge lay in so we didn’t get to the city until 11:30am. Shocking. We’re so lazy. But anyway we headed straight to Sixes & Sevens in Courtenay Place. I can’t lie my ulterior motive for visiting was to try their doughnuts… but their coffee was pretty good too to be honest.

Ben and I both opted for a classic cappuccino (sans sugar to save sugar room for doughnut) and a Boysenberry Ripple doughnut. Major drool. We took a seat in front of the shop on a cute little table so that we could people watch – standard that’s just what we do wherever we go now. The sun was shining, the smell of coffee and doughnuts in the air. Life doesn’t get much better right. Well let me tell you it does, because then our coffee and doughnuts arrived. This doughnut changed my life. A sweet dusting of sugar coating, squishy spongy dough, filled with the beautifully violet boysenberry ripple cream. Who even knows what a boysenberry is (might’ve had to google it) but wow. Boysenberry is bae now. Well boysenberry ripple doughnuts are bae actually.

Potentially the best doughnut in Wellington

So how did Sixes & Sevens score on my coffee shop criteria…
Coffee taste 4/5 … not too strong, no burnt taste, maybe could’ve gone with more chocolate topping. Bonus points for the winning taste combo of coffee & doughnut.
Temperature 5/5 … perfect. As soon as that coffee arrived I was chugging it down, not too hot but nice and drinkably warm.
Shop atmosphere 5/5 … really really lovely. Everything is spot on for a cosy, cute vibe. The doughnut display fridge is kind of old school in a good way. Cute signage dotted around. Charming indoor/outdoor seating space. And friendly staff, it makes me really happy when people say “thanks guys have a good one” as you’re on the way out.

Sixes & Sevens has really set the bar high on our search for the best coffee in Wellington. With an overall score of 14/15 this place is gonna be hard to beat. One thing is for sure though, this has to be the best doughnut in Wellington.

Feel free to send me an email via the contact page to let me know any suggestions for the next coffee shop trip. As always keep an eye on the gram @abbiemaytravel for my next coffee escapade. Ooh and while you’re at it check out the doughnuts over @sixes.and.sevens.deli


Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel