5 Beauty Tips for Backpackers

Helllooooo friends! As I mentioned on my insta a while back a friend of mine suggested creating some beauty tips for backpackers. And I mean… ask and you shall receive. So keep the suggestions coming my way. I’ve got heaps of different topics on my mind when it comes to beauty but thought it best to start off simple. So here are the 5 beauty rules I follow while backpacking.

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Nobody wants to be carrying around a makeup bag full of foundation, concealer, highlighter and all those over glory goodies. Keep your skin looking naturally glowing & gorge by getting that H2o in ya. Drinking 2-3 litres of water is always important but drinking your body weight in Chang, soaking up the sun all day and eating all that salty street food make it even more essential to up your water intake.

Tips for backpackers: get that h2o with watermelon shakes
2. Wash that face. We all love our 5 step facial cleansing routine at home but the constraints of backpacking make it near impossible. Don’t let that be your excuse to sleep in makeup purleeeasse. Wash your face day and night, even if that just means a wet wipe scrub when your too drunk/tired/lazy to move. You’re gonna reduce the likelihood of a face full of spots. Plus there’s nothing worse than crusty mascara lashes & panda eyes from the night before.
3. Make the most of the sun! (in moderation) No foundation? No bronzer? No problem. Get yourself outside and get your tan on. Of course use sun cream with a good SPF. But once you’ve got a good colour on your face you’ll realise there’s noooo need to be putting foundation on. Plus when it’s super hot and humid who even wants that stuff on their face…

TIps for backpackers: twist your kini bottoms for minimal tan lines

4. Moisturiser. Slather that stuff on. In hot climates the suns gonna dry your skin out. In cold climates that icy air is gonna dry your skin out. So treat yo’self to a good moisturise sesh before bed. You’ll thank me later. On the subject of moisturiser, if you’re backpacking in South East Asia be careful about buying sun creams & moisturisers as many contain whitening agents AKA bleach your skin.
5. Head ware is your saviour. A big headband, cap or sun hat. All of the above will save you on the inevitable bad hair days. The sun, sea, cheap shampoos are gonna mess with your barnet. That’s just life. Get a couple of easy to pack hair accessories, my fav are a turban style headband or cap, and hide that bush. Same goes for braids. If you can’t French/Dutch braid yet, learn. It’ll hide all those bad hair days and keep you cool. Of course don’t forget to suncream your scalp if you’re opting for braids, burnt flakey skin is not a good look.

Hopefully these tips will reassure you that you don’t need a Kim K size makeup bag to get by while backpacking. Keeping it minimal has worked for me. I’ll be posting what’s in my beauty kit soon so keep your eyes peeled for some more beauty tips for backpackers.

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Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel