Beauty Tips for Backpackers: inside my travel makeup kit

My travel makeup kit

Hello beautiful people! Today I finally made time to take some snaps of my travel makeup essentials. So following on from my beauty tips for backpackers post I wanted to share the products that I use while travelling. Of course when it comes to travel makeup the top priority (for me at least) is “can I have this in a carry on”. Yasssss friends. All the products in my bag fit in those tiny clear bags and are below the liquid amounts allowed by airport regulations. FYI save yourself hassle unpacking your makeup kit at security and just pack it in a clear makeup bag. #LIFEHACK

My travel makeup kit

Yuppp that really is it. So you’ve probably noticed that I’ve got heaps of Benefit minis in there. Well, we can thank my mum for that. My lovely parents got me a Benefit travel makeup set before I left home back in January. It’s been suuuuper useful (I only had to top it up with a few other products) and it all came in this cute makeup bag. All of the Benefit products and the bag came as a set, mum informs me she bought it at Boots, but it doesn’t look like it’s online anymore soz. You can however grab all the minis here.

My travel makeup essentials

Okay so I guess I’ll start at the top. Pretty sure the tweezers and nail clippers are self explanatory… but yah looking tidy is a great start before even putting product on that face.

Vaseline: sun, wind, sea, that dry air on planes… all the activities you’re getting up to while travelling are gonna wreak havoc with your lips and skin. Slather that stuff on like your life depends on it. I also like to use Vaseline as a highlighter to get glowy/dewy cheek bones. Just use your fingertips to dab tiny amounts over your cheek bones and collar bones if you like. StyleCaster has a list of 20 different ways to use Vaseline here, because when you’re packing minimal you’ve gotta get multiple uses out of each product.

Highlighter: for when that Vaseline glow just ain’t cutting it. I use Benefit high beam highlighter, it’s one of the minis that came with my travel makeup set. A little goes a long way with this. I’ve been using it for 5 months and still have lots left, which is an achievement seen as the bottle only contains 4ml. There’s a tiny brush in the lid to apply the product, you do need to blend quite thoroughly with this to achieve a natural look. I’ve heard my fair share of “Ab you haven’t rubbed your makeup in” from Ben lol.

Benefit double the lip lipstick & liner in one: Okay so to be honest I don’t use this toooo much. I’m not against the product as such, it’s moisturising and non sticky… but I wouldn’t usually line my lips if I was going for a pink lip – it just doesn’t suit me. Again this came with the kit in shade Lusty Rose. I might consider purchasing a mini of this in a different shade because the concept is great.

Benefit Gimme Brow gel: LOOOOOVE. Love love love this product. The Benefit travel kit came with two of these gels, in shade 1 and shade 5. Basically a lighter blonde shade and a darker brown shade. And I’ve made good use of both shades. I have such fair colourings that my brows are really fair – legit invisible once I’ve been in the sun. So these gels have been life savers. The light gel has been good for when I’ve not been tanned & the darker shade looks best on me once I’m a bit bronzed. Honestly though I couldn’t recommend these gels enough. Much quicker and easier than pencilling in your brows and fixes natural brows in place.

Travel makeup kit

Nivea light Moisturising day cream: because good makeup starts with good skin. This goes hand in hand with my last backpacker beauty post, the reality is you want to avoid having to carry extra makeup products. Keep your skin healthy and glowing and you won’t need to carry concealed, powder etc. to cover up breakouts.

Benefit Porefessional Balm: say hello to flawlessly smooth skin. Yup this balm left my skin so so soft. But the mini is a teeny tiny 3ml so I rarely used this for fear of running out. I did really like this product though and would probably purchase full size version for my ‘at home’ makeup bag.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder: every Essex girl (if not every girl on the planet) can vouch for this. Hoola is my go to bronzer at home so having a mini version to save space in my bag was super handy. A top tip I learned from a very successful, very beautiful MUA friend of mine is to bronze up your lids… yup bronze them up. It makes your eyes pop and I love the added depth. Ain’t nobody got time for real eyeshadow.

Benefit they’re real mascara: okay so I reallllly like this mascara. I like to apply 1 light layer, let it dry a little and then apply a second layer. Putting it in this way makes for much longer, thicker, darker lashes with a more dramatic curve. Even in the torrential downpours in south east Asia my mascara stayed strong, I don’t think it’s officially waterproof though so don’t push your luck.

Nail file: this is another just keep yourself tidy tool. I always find myself breaking and catching nails, especially when zipping/unzipping, packing/unpacking my backpack. So a nail file for me is just an essential part of my travel makeup/beauty kit.

Bourjois Liquid Lipstick &  NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick: for me a statement lip brings my makeup look from day to night. I’d recommend finding a statement bright and a neutral that suit your skin tone for when you feel like ‘dressier’ makeup. The red is Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition in shade Its Redding Men. The neutral is NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken (LSCL04).

My travel makeup bag

And that is it.

You can shop all the mini Benefit products here and the other products are available all over the high street. Nothing fancy in my travel makeup bag. My final word of advice on travel makeup would be that less is more. Less is easier to pack, takes less time to apply and you’ll actually use allll of it at least once.

Hope this helps you beauties when it comes to packing. Feel free to get in touch via the contact page or on Instagram @abbiemaytravel.

Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel