The Wellington Coffee Crawl: NOT the Best Coffee in Wellington

Dixon Street Deli: not the best coffee in Wellington

Hands up if you’re grateful for a four day week…. yup the weekend just gone was a lovely three day weekend. Thank you Queenie. It feels so strange as a Brit to be celebrating the Queen’s birthday with a public holiday out here in New Zealand… back in the UK it’s just a normal day! But I am super grateful for a long weekend to give me a chance to play catch up in my writing. There are three new destinations for my Wellington Coffee Crawl series. So brace yourself for some spam all thanks to my hunt for the best coffee in Wellington.

First up we have Dixon Street Deli. Two weeks ago now (I’m terrible at keeping up with my writing soz) Ben and I popped in for brunch here.¬†Honestly,¬†we were planning to eat at Flight Coffee Hangar but it was too busy to get a seat. So we tottered off down the street and came across this place. There were plenty of tables available (which isn’t always a good sign) but we were starving so decided to try it out.

Of course we both went for cappuccinos. Ben had the eggs florentine and I had pancakes with fruit and cream. Sadly both the food and coffees left us less than impressed. Definitely not the best coffee in Wellington. Probably not the worst but the coffee was just okay. The hollandaise was pretty disappointing and all in all Ben thought the eggs florentine was just about okay. My pancakes were good but nothing great about them, I’ve had haps better elsewhere.

Overall we left feeling pretty deflated about our choice of brunch venue. Maybe we should have persevered and waited out Flight Coffee Hangar. How did Dixon Street Deli score…
Coffee taste 1/5 … slightly burnt taste to the coffee. Not very strong either
Temperature 4/5 … on the cooler side of warm. Nothing majorly bad though
Shop atmosphere 2/5 … just a pretty average coffee shop/cafe vibe. Standard appearance. I was a little disappointed with service as the server behind the counter didn’t seem to know much about the menu when we had questions.

Dixon Street Deli: not the best coffee in Wellington

All in all I can say for certain that this place isn’t the place to go for the best coffee in Wellington. Ben and I won’t be heading back again that’s for sure. With an overall score of 7/15 Dixon Street Deli is siting at the bottom of my Wellington Coffee Crawl league table.

Feel free to send me an email via the contact page with any suggestions for the next coffee shop trip. As always keep an eye on the gram @abbiemaytravel for my next coffee escapade.

Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel