The Wellington Coffee Crawl: Smith the Grocer Delivers the Goods

Cappuccino at Smith the Grocer

Hello hump day! I’m usually a once a week (at best) type of blogger but… I’ve been super rubbish lately so here’s my second post of the week. Told you guys I’d be spamming to catch up. Of course it’s another coffee review. What else do you think I do with my time? If I’m not drinking coffee I’m writing about it. This long weekend I managed to squeeze in brunch at Smith the Grocer in Old Bank Arcade. Recommended to me by Welly Belly (check out the gram @wellybelly_ for ridiculous amounts of Wellington food inspo) this place doesn’t disappoint.

Home made granola at Smith the Grocer

First of all, I loooove this little shopping centre. If your visiting Welly or if you happen to live here and somehow haven’t yet visited Old Bank Arcade you should. It’s a historic building on Lambton Quay that used to house the Bank of New Zealand. Nowadays it’s still a super beautiful building and is home to boutique shops and a few cafes. Prime position in the middle of the arcade lies Smith the Grocer. A charming cafe with seating inside the restaurant as well as sprawling out into the arcade.

Shock horror, Ben and I both went for cappuccinos. Home made granola for me and a vegan sausage roll for Ben. It’s pretty difficult to hold back from ordering one of everything in the display cabinet. Honestly, the sweet and savoury treats on offer all look divine. With hand written descriptions of gooey caramel slices, ginger crunch bars and heaps more I’ll be heading back to tick a few more items off of the menu. I have had the granola before and it’s yummy. Maybe a boring choice from me but Smith the Grocer do the best granola that I’ve tried so far sooooo yup I’ll stick with it. The granola is always perfectly toasted, topped with berry compote, yoghurt and a mini jug of milk on the side. Tasty as. Ben thoroughly enjoyed his vegan sausage roll too. The pastry was light and flakey, the filling yummy too.

Smith the Grocer cafe with high ceilings

We loved the food so how did the coffee score…
Coffee taste 4/5 … a good coffee just not quite as strong as I like. No burnt taste though
Temperature 5/5 … nice and hot to warm my hands up from the miserable weather outside. Not too hot though, I got stuck in straight away
Shop atmosphere 4/5 … gorgeous high ceilings with lots of light. Lovely friendly staff, I’ve been a few times and service is always great. Can be a little tight as it’s not the most spacious venue.

Overall I’d give Smith the Grocer a score of 13/15. One of my favourite spots and I will certainly be heading back to savour a few more sweet treats from the cabinet. Check them out on insta @smiththegrocer to see what I mean…

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Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel