The Wellington Coffee Crawl: Mulberry Gardens Offers Laidback Charm

Coffee at Mulberry Gardens

Oh happy days it’s the weekend! By the time this post goes live I’ll be halfway to Auckland, but for now I’ve still got a couple of Welly coffee spots to share with you. Last weekend Ben & I were pretty hectic getting the van ready for our roadtrip…. fear not though because we still managed to squeeze in time for a coffee break at Mulberry Gardens. Mulberry Gardens is a cute little cafe just down the road from Capital Market (also a great spot).

I just love this little building. Mulberry Gardens is a long and narrow cafe but definitely makes the most of the space available. There are booths in the front, stools along the corridor and a lounge style area with sofas as well as tables in the back. Add to that al fresco seating out the front and at the back of the shop (under a cute gazebo out back) – I just wish the weather was warmer when we visited.

For once in our lives we resisted ordering food and stuck with just coffees. Two cappuccinos, one with soy and one with almond milk. The coffees were good, but Mulberry Gardens’ speakeasy vibe is what won me over. A relaxed atmosphere, charming interiors and friendly service. A perfect Sunday afternoon venue.

So how did the coffee score…
Coffee taste 4/5 … a good coffee all in all. Served with a chocolate marshmallow too
Temperature 4/5 … I might have preferred just a little warmer. Only because it was a very cold day
Shop atmosphere 4/5 … as I mentioned, the atmosphere is a real winner at this place. Would definitely visit again, hopefully in warmer weather to enjoy the outdoor seating.

Overall Mulberry Gardens scores 12/15 … a fab little cafe that I’ll certainly be revisiting.

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Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel