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  • Chiangmai to Laos: 3 day slow boat

    Chiangmai to Laos slow boat

    Travelling from Chiangmai to Laos presents a number of options. You can fly, bus or boat. Flying is obviously the quickest. The bus ride is somewhat slower and arguably less comfortable. The slow boat offers a leisurely way of getting from A to B with 2 nights staying in small towns/villages that you would otherwise […]

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  • The Laos Loop – Chiangmai to Krabi

    En route Krabi

    Wow I’ve been busy since my last post! The last 1/2 weeks have been hectic. My last little update was all about my time in Chiangmai, since then I’ve taken a 3 day slow boat, visited Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane, flown to Krabi and squeezed in some tanning time. I’m working on some […]

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  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiangmai

    Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiangmai

    This has been by far my favourite day of the trip if not my entire life! Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiangmai is an elephant sanctuary that rescues elephants from circuses and riding camps. Sometimes the camp has to buy the elephants but they try to bring the elephants and the owners to the camp by educating […]

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  • Dua Thong Sticky Waterfalls

    Dua Thong Falls

    Last Thursday Ben and I took a trip out of Chiangmai for the day. After seeing lots of posts about the sticky waterfalls online we decided to check it out for ourselves. The falls are about 45min-1 hour out of Chiangmai by car – or a little longer by moped. We opted for a taxi […]