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  • 5 Beauty Tips for Backpackers

    Helllooooo friends! As I mentioned on my insta a while back a friend of mine suggested creating some beauty tips for backpackers. And I mean… ask and you shall receive. So keep the suggestions coming my way. I’ve got heaps of different topics on my mind when it comes to beauty but thought it best […]

  • City Breaks
  • Afternoon Tea at sketch London

    So who has been the worst blogger in the world lately?… me!┬áLife has been pretty busy lately so I’ve barely had time to do anything blog worthy – let alone have time to write about it. But I’m back and have a backlog of day trips and fun things to write about. Without further ado […]

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  • That Elusive Bikini Body

    So today I wanted to talk about something that I’m not entirely comfortable with as it’s such a personal topic. The whole bikini body/summer body/beach body concept. Here I am, 3 weeks after returning from an all inclusive holiday I’m still yet to break back into my usual diet and exercise regime – and I […]