• The Philippines
  • Review: Charlie Does Baler

    Charlie Does started out as a cafe, a haven for surfers when they’re not on the waves. Today Charlie Does offers accommodation, custom surf boards, surf lessons and board rental as well as remaining true to its roots with a cafe and surf shop. I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with Charlie Does […]

  • Lifestyle
  • 5 Beauty Tips for Backpackers

    Helllooooo friends! As I mentioned on my insta a while back a friend of mine suggested creating some beauty tips for backpackers. And I mean… ask and you shall receive. So keep the suggestions coming my way. I’ve got heaps of different topics on my mind when it comes to beauty but thought it best […]

  • Indonesia
  • My Top Restaurants in Gili Air – The Foodies’ Gili

    We’ve just spent 8 days on Gili Air and WOW are there some great restaurants. A quick look on TripAdvisor confirms that. With 60 restaurants listed (the majority of which are 4+ rated) on an island that’s only 15 km² you know you’re gonna be eating good here. Our accommodation included breakfast, however other than that […]

  • Hostel Hopper
  • Hostel Hopper: Balengku Homestay Gili Air

    Pool days a Balengku Gili Air

    We’ve just checked out after 4 nights here at Balengku. Our stay on Gili Air has been extended by 2 days as Ben’s been unwell so we haven’t really seen the island. But unfortunately Balengku was fully booked so we’re off to somewhere new! On paper Balengku has everything and more that you need for […]