The Great Australian Road Trip – Part 4

Finally… it’s the end of the 4 part Great Australian Road Trip series. After several weeks on the road we rounded off the road trip with a drive along the Great Ocean Road and a brief stint in Western Australia.


We spent about 4 days out of Melbourne stopping off at Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne. The weather was lacklustre (again) due to the time of year but it didn’t detract from the landscape in the slightest! By this point of the road trip we were pretty tired and van life was proving difficult. Budget travel, sleeping in beach car parks and showering in surf clubs’ cold outdoor showers was getting a little bit old now. But the good came with the bad and nothing could beat falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing and waking up to the first light of sunrise across the sea.

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Due to time constraints the 36 hour drive from Melbourne to Perth just wasn’t an option for us so we flew from Victoria over to WA and picked up another campervan on arrival. The plan had been to drive as far north as Coral Bay on the hunt for some sunshine and then return spread over 10 days… but we learned the hard way that things don’t always go to plan. The first day of driving went well, the sun was shining and the roads were clear, then late afternoon the weather changed. It came over cloudy and rainy. Unfortunately for us the headlights were soooo faded you could barely see the road ahead of you (especially not great on rural WA roads with kangaroos deciding to cross wherever and whenever they like).


To put a long story short: the road trip couldn’t continue in this van. Because of our limited time if we picked up a new van we wouldn’t have been able to get much further north than we already had been so we cut our losses and spent a few more days in Perth before flying back home a few days early. Of course we were gutted, our long awaited road trip was coming to a premature end. But spending 2 nights in a comfortable bed and having a hot indoor shower was the best feeling! 20160530_124207000_iOS

That was it… the end of the road trip. The end of 10 months in Australia. With a 28 hour flight ahead of us and rainy England waiting at the other end feelings were very mixed. But we did it, we came back to ‘normal’ life and the world didn’t stop spinning.

To recap the last four parts of the road trip series check out the preview video or the road trip page. Stay tuned for more on my love of Australia.

Abbie May Travel