Dua Thong Sticky Waterfalls

Dua Thong Falls

Last Thursday Ben and I took a trip out of Chiangmai for the day. After seeing lots of posts about the sticky waterfalls online we decided to check it out for ourselves. The falls are about 45min-1 hour out of Chiangmai by car – or a little longer by moped. We opted for a taxi that set us back 1500 baht for the day… pretty steep but we justified it as the driver would have to wait all day for us. Alternatively you can rent a moped for the day which is a much cheaper option (100-300 baht) – however after seeing lots of fellow travellers with bruises and scabs from their moped accidents we opted for the safer option.

Once at the falls we decided to get logical – start from the bottom and work our way up. Make sure you go riiiight to the bottom, it’s easy to miss as the main steps disappear and you have to climb down the falls but it’s so worth it. There’s a little lagoon, deep enough to swim in and lots of little falls to do your best Herbal Essences ad impression under.

The climb back to the top is mostly fun but challenging at times, there are lots of little pools between levels for sunbathing too. Towards the top the climb gets a little bit intimidating but there are bungee ropes to help.

After a good hour or so of frolicking in the falls we went for a wander around the top of the falls. There’s a small shrine down a boardwalk in the middle of the forest. It’s easy to overlook but worth a look even if just for the scenic stroll. There’s also a few small stalls selling food, drinks and ice creams so when you’re finished exploring you can cool off in the picnic area with some lunch.

If you’re in the Chiangmai area Dua Thong falls is definitely worth a visit. We spent around 3 hours here and thoroughly enjoyed it. Head here early to have the entire falls to yourself for a short while (we got here around 11am).