My Top Restaurants in Gili Air – The Foodies’ Gili

We’ve just spent 8 days on Gili Air and WOW are there some great restaurants. A quick look on TripAdvisor confirms that. With 60 restaurants listed (the majority of which are 4+ rated) on an island that’s only 15 km² you know you’re gonna be eating good here.
Our accommodation included breakfast, however other than that we were trying new restaurants for pretty much every meal. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites so enjoy this compilation of my favourite restaurants in Gili Air.

Pachamama Organic Cafe
Located in the North-East of the island, about 5 minutes from the beach, this gem has it all. With a menu full of organic/raw/vege/vegan options, good coffee, rustic/beach hut interiors AND a gift shop to top it all off. Pachamama is the perfect setting for brunch, lunch, coffee or just cake – they have a great selection of sweet treats.
We visited for lunch and were super satisfied with our dishes: 2 mushroom burritos, a cappuccino for me and a tea for Ben. My only suggestion would be to save room for dessert, I made the rookie error and missed out.
Before leaving I had a stroll around the gift shop, they stock some beautiful pieces of jewellery, cute clothing, homewares and bedazzled accessories. All in all this is probably my favourite restaurant in Gili Air for lunch! There’s such a lovely tranquil atmosphere. Charming interiors. Delicious food – plus if it’s organic you can eat twice as much riiiight.
Don’t miss this place 🙂  or check out their Instagram for drool worth your #foodporn @pachamamagiliair

Pachamama restaurants in Gili Air

So nice we had to visit twice. Yup, I spent my pancake day committing the ultimate sin – not eating pancakes. But waffles are just more me soz. Breadelicious is a really cute cafe/restaurant in Gili Air, it has glass walls/doors/ceiling so it’s super light and airy – plus with lots of plants it feels like you’re dining in a greenhouse. The menu offers a selection of baked goods, handmade sandwiches and gelato, plus teas, coffees and shakes.
Another restaurant that’s ideal for that brunch, lunch, coffee or dessert fix, we visited for lunch both times. Across the two visits we tried: waffle with Nutella & mint choc chip gelato, waffle with Nutella & white chocolate gelato, Mediterranean quiche, chocolate chip cookie and a classic latte. I have no words for the waffles, they were soooooo good. There’s a great selection of gelato flavours to so you should probably visit a few times to try them all….

If you haven’t realised by now I’m a sugar addict. But I promise we did eat proper food too, that’s coming shortly. Before I get to that, let me tell you about this time that I sipped iced coffee while watching the sea from a bamboo treehouse. The settings of Scooperific are perfect – downstairs they take your order, then up some bamboo stairs and you’re in a cute treehouse with views out to sea, Lombok and beyond.
They’re offerings are right up my street- sugar, chocolate, coffee and more sugar. I ordered and iced coffee with dark chocolate gelato, Ben had a Nutella shake and a cookie. Checkout the photo below, they look good but they taste even better.
If you’re not quite ready for a Nutella/chocolate/caffeine fest they do offer lots of yummy flavours of gelato available in a tub or cone too.

Down by the harbour Scallywags offers a laid back, beachfront dining experience. Eating dinner by candlelight on the beach with charming service you can’t fault the ambience. They have a great menu too: lots of seafood, salads, burgers and grill. After six weeks of local cuisine we fancied something more ‘homely’. I opted for a Caesar salad and Ben had a burger. Both dishes left us totally satisfied, the food was tasty, well presented and reasonably priced.
My only regret is not trying the seafood as friends have raved about how good it is!

Gili Lumbung Bungalows & Bar
We actually stumbled across this place by accident, but loved the atmosphere so much we came back another two times. We ate lunch here on all three occasions, trying a mixture of their western and local dishes – I could probably recommend the whole menu!
The prices here are pretty cheap too for a place on the beach. Add a beach swing into the mix and you’ve got perfect all day beach settings.

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