Bucket List: Travelling Fiji on a Budget

Paradise to me is white beaches, sunshine and warm waters. So it’s no surprise that Fiji is hot on my travel bucket list. However, like many travellers I have limited funds to spend on my endless travel plans. Fear not. There’s always a way to afford any destination and it’s definitely possible to visit Fiji on a budget.

Plan Ahead

There’s lots of confusion over whether it’s cheaper to book flights well ahead or last minute. Nevertheless there’s no harm in doing your research and being smart about flight routes. To fly from the UK to Fiji it would cost around £1000. But as I’m currently based in New Zealand return flights to Fiji will set me back less than half that amount. It would be foolish not to combine your travel plans to make the most of these cheaper flight routes.


No really it’s totally possible to see Fiji on a budget by booking a cruise. If you’re looking to see multiple islands, enjoy high quality accommodation and only have limited time cruises can provide all of the above. Once you factor in the reduced flight costs booking a cruise offers excellent value for money and allows you to see multiple areas of Fiji on a budget.

Eat Like the Locals

Any seasoned traveler knows that local cuisine will always be cheaper than ordering your favourite home comforts. Thanks to influences from Indian, China and heaps of other countries, Fijian cuisine is a great fusion. Depending on where you are in Fiji the local favourite food will differ, but you can certainly eat in Fiji on a budget.

Explore Solo

Nope, I don’t mean ditch your travel mates. Just opt for exploring at your own pace by renting a moped, bike or car rather than paying for a tour. For the brave, cycle up Nadi mountains for incredible views. Or for the beach bums hop from beach tones along the coast.

Of course with over 300 islands (wow!) you’re going to want to explore more than just Viti Levu. Ferrys offer a cheap way to get from island to island. However, if you are short on time there are plenty of multistop and one day excursions available.

Budget Wisely

When working out how much spending money to take on a trip I always overestimate everything. Having that peace of mind that you don’t need to be super strict with your pennies (or Fijian dollars) means that you won’t miss out. Set weekly and daily budgets but don’t be afraid to splurge on the moments that money can’t buy.

You can always make more money but you can’t recreate moments.

Fiji on a budget
Image via Flickr by u07ch

With just over 3 months before I get to experience the magic of Fiji firsthand that’s all for my tips to travel Fiji on a budget. I’m sure post trip I’ll have even more useful insights to share! Until then keep an eye out for more details of my upcoming travels and get in touch with your recommendations for travelling Fiji on a budget.

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Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel