Photo Diary: My Palawan Highlights

Palawan highlights

Good morning friends… The past few weeks I’ve been a little quiet but I promise I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been exploring the Philippines! Let me tell ya, the WiFi is lacking but no complaints because now I’ve got heaps of exciting things to share.

Most recently I spent 10 days in Palawan with Ben (of course) AND a third amigo Chiara – one of my besties from home who flew all the way out from London to spend some time together. What an angel. So to kick things off I’d like to share some of my Palawan highlights. Enjoy the pristine beaches, turquoise waters and especially the extra poses of two Essex besties.

Palawan Highlights


For now those are my Palawan highlights in photos. I’ll be giving some more details about where to go/what to do and most importantly what to eat in Palawan in my upcoming posts so keep your eyes peeled.

Abbie @ AbbieMayTravel