Travel Discounts – AirBnB Discount Code

As I’ve grown up I really feel I’ve got to know myself better. In my twenties I began noticing a few personality quirks that maybe I didn’t want to admit before now. Some might be embarrassed to own up to this particular trait, but there’s no shame in my game… 

I’m tight, stingy, a bargain hunter. Whatever you want to call it I love a discount. I begrudge paying full price if I know I could get a discount elsewhere and that’s why I’m bringing you lovely lot my AirBnB discount code. Well a referral link, you save I save – winner winner!

Follow this link for a £25 AirBnB discount. 

Minimum spend of £55 applies

By using my link you’ll also be hooking me up with a little AirBnB credit to use on my next trip – so thank you!

Feel free to reach out via my contact page or on Instagram if you have any questions or just to share your travels with me, I’d love to see your travels and I also enjoy a sneak peak at gorgeous accommodation so don’t be shy…

Happy travels 🙂

Abbie May Travel