Taghazout, Morocco’s Sleepy Surfer Town

Morocco has long been on my bucketlist. The bustling city of Marrakech still remains one of my dream destinations, instead my Morocco experience was a little off the beaten track. In all honesty Ben and I booked our trip on a whim. I wanted to see Morocco but we both wanted a laid back beach holiday rather than a city stay. After some browsing we settled on a quaint little fishing village, Taghazout, and after spending just seven days here this little village holds a huge place in my heart.

Taghazout is the perfect place to hit the reset button. If you’re looking for a digital detox, somewhere to unwind & recharge or just prefer a slower paced break I cannot recommend this charming village enough. 

Taghazout is a small town meaning there certainly aren’t as many restaurant choices as nearby Agadir, but you can eat well for a good price. We dined out every night and only went into Agadir for dinner the once. Vegan options included: vegetable tagine, couscous, falafel & some places even had western style veggie burgers/wraps/sandwiches. Not forgetting warm, crusty bread with olive tapenade and hummus (drooling over here!). Some of our favourite spots: Dar Josephine, World of Waves and L’Auberge (we ate here at least 3 times).

Important to note: Taghazout is a dry town (no alcohol).

If you are wanting some drinks head into Agadir. Alternatively, Sol House Taghazout Bay has an alcohol license but prices are high.

We spent our time in Taghazout doing all the things our bodies and minds craved, minimal technology, a light workout each morning followed by afternoons spent surfing or paddling in the sea. There are plenty of places in the village and shops along the beach offering board rental and/or surf lessons, including trips to nearby surf spots. There are also some great excursions available to the region’s natural attractions, as well as day trips to Marrakech. We visited nearby Paradise Valley, a jaw dropping oasis in the Atlas Mountain region, and spent the afternoon paddling in refreshing rock pools. 

In short, if you’re looking for a Bali esque ‘switch off and recharge’ escape Taghazout is a lesser known alternative to consider. Not to mention, much more accessible from Europe. I will certainly be back.

Abbie May Travel

Taghazout Bay sunset

p.s. if you got here via my Destinations page, sorryyyyy I know Morocco is not in Europe… I have no excuse other than I’m too lazy to create an Africa section for one blog post. Soz bout it.