5 Yoga Instagram Accounts to Inspire your at Home Practice

Practising yoga at home is one habit I formed in 2020 that I thank for keeping me sane (alongside my penchant for thrifting.) With all the craziness of the year combined with the fact that studios were closed (so I couldn’t get my usual yoga fix at VNYSA in Vancouver), 2020 was not looking too pretty. Like many others, I took to Instagram for some escapism. However, I didn’t just find an escape through scrolling my feed, I also found the inspiration to get back on my mat – and there are a few accounts I have to thank for giving me that nudge.

Whether you’re looking for step-by-step instruction or just some beautiful shapes to motivate you, here are my favourite yoga Instagram accounts to inspire your at home practice.

Sheila – @shylasvsyoga

Whenever I’m in a bit of a yoga rut, I take to Sheila’s page to find an interesting (and often challenging) pose to work towards. I have to say I also love taking a peek at their interiors and yoga wardrobe – I’m forever fawning over the natural textures and neutral tones in Sheila’s home and outfits! Plus, thoughtful captions leave you with something to ponder as you work on those tricky postures too.

Naya Rappaport – @nayitavp

Following Naya will bring so much to your feed. Inbetween inspiring yoga shots with motivational captions, you’ll find energetic dance videos and playful pets sneaking in on the action. There’s always so much vibrance and energy on Naya’s page, it’s impossible not to feel the positivity as you’re scrolling.

CeCe Carson – @cece.carson

Oh, I just adore Cece’s page! If you’re looking for a helpful / tips and tricks yoga Instagram account to follow, then @cece.carson might just be the one for you. I’m very much a visual learner, I need to see exact steps to get into complex postures. So for me, this page is the first place I turn to when learning a new pose. Cece breaks things down step by step, with videos, helpful captions and multi-photo posts demonstrating every step of the way. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, there are so many poses covered on Cece’s page that I’m sure we can all find something helpful there.

Tie Simpson – @hippie_heathen

If I had to choose just one word to sum up Tie’s page, it would be holistic. Whether you’re looking for tips and guidance for your yoga practice, Tie’s got you. Or if it’s some serious flow inspiration you want, Tie’s got you. Holistic living tips and sound bathing videos (it’s as dreamy as it sounds) – you guessed it, Tie’s got you. @hippie_heathen is much more than just a yoga Instagram account. Follow and you’ll always leave the feed feeling better than you arrived.

Nude Yoga Girl – @nude_yogagirl

I’ve been following Nude Yoga Girl for quite some time now, long before I was practising yoga consistently. NYG’s page is full to the brim with beautiful shapes, landscapes and body positivity. While there aren’t step-by-step or how-to guides, NYG offers plenty of inspiration and takes a fine art approach to yoga – often showcasing poses from unusual angles. Some of my favourite posts are the behind-the-scenes video clips on Nuda Mag shoots!

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I hope these yoga Instagram accounts will inspire you just as much as they do me! Who are your favourite yogi’s to follow? Drop their handle in the comments, I’m always looking for new accounts to inspire my at home yoga practice 🙂