Travel Plates: Moroccan Vegan Recipes

One of my favourite things about travel is how it broadens my tastebuds. I get to try a whole new world of flavour depending on a country’s cuisine – what a treat that is! Luckily for me (and the many vegan travellers out there) Morocco is a destination that lends itself quite well to a plant-based diet. As we can’t travel overseas right now, I like to instead bring the destination to me (via the kitchen). So here are my top 3 Moroccan vegan recipes that you can try at home.

The Vegan Staple Food – Falafel

During my visit to Morocco, falafel was my go-to dish. It’s Moroccan vegan food that most people are already familiar with, as it’s so common in the UK now. I will say that freshly made falafel is best enjoyed on the veranda of a seaside restaurant. I don’t think falafel will ever taste as good as the dish I devoured at the charming Dar Josephine in Taghazout. (See those crispy balls of deliciousness below.)

Moroccan vegan lunch at Dar Josephine, Taghazout

However, if you’re craving a taste of Moroccan vegan food from the comfort of your home, I highly recommend giving this recipe by Foods From Africa a try. This recipe gets the texture just right, crispy on the outside and fluffy, buttery soft on the inside. Deep frying rather than baking is my preferred cooking method, it’s worth the extra effort for that perfect crisp coating.

Traditional Moroccan Vegan Food – Tagine

Tagine is a very popular stew-like dish that I first encountered during my trip to Morocco. Most commonly tagine contains poultry, meat or fish alongside vegetables and fruits, however, vegetable tagine is a great traditional Moroccan vegan friendly option. Interestingly enough, the word tagine not only refers to the Moroccan stew but also to the clay (or ceramic) dish that it’s cooked in. This dish has a long history and if you want to learn more, or just catch a glimpse of the iconic tagine cookware check out Jodi Ettenberg’s post for G Adventures – they cover the topic so well, you’re bound to learn something new and enjoy the stunning photos too!

Vegetable tagine truly won me over in Morocco, and it’s a dish that I’ve recreated at home many, many times. The recipe I follow is by Lazy Cat Kitchen, their Vegan Tagine with Butternut Squash. When made precisely to the recipe it’s a taste sensation, but the recipe is also super versatile and I’ve often made the tagine with substitutions and omitted some spices if I’ve just run out – it remains delicious! This dish always goes down well with dinner guests too, after cooking it for my brother he now puts in requests for tagine whenever he visits. Now that’s a seal of approval 🙂

The Iconic Beverage – Moroccan Mint Tea

Picture this… It’s 9am, you’re sat on the patio of a bustling cafe right on the corner of a busy junction outside of Agadir, the sun slowly warming your shoulders. There’s commotion and chaos all around as people (locals and tourists alike) are being dropped off and picked up out front. But at your little table, all is calm. You’re sipping a sweet, warm, minty fresh tea and watching the day unfold before you.


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That’s exactly the memory that Moroccan Mint Tea evokes for me. That said, there are so many pleasant moments that come to mind as we drank mint tea so very often while in Morocco. During a factory tour, mint tea. Wandering the souk, mint tea. Lounging on the beach, mint tea. You get the picture. Mint tea was the perfect accent to any and every activity in Morocco. It forces you to slow down, catch a breath and steep yourself in that very moment in time. To recreate that feeling at home, I recommend My Moroccan Food’s Moroccan Mint Tea recipe.

I hope that bringing these far-flung dishes to your kitchen might help to quench your thirst for travel for the time being. Until we can travel again, let me know what countries will inspire your cooking. What’s your favourite dish from your travels?

Stay safe and don’t be a stranger!