Hello lovely people! 

I’m Abbie a 20 something from the U.K. with big dreams to see the world. Born and raised in Essex (England), my love of travel really began with a year spent in Australia on a study abroad program whilst at university. 

Fast forward to now, I’ve spent the past five years travelling the globe with my partner in crime Ben. During this time our travel style has changed immensely. Originally backpack bandits, scraping together our savings and hitting as many countries as hard and fast as we could possibly afford. Now we embrace the slow and deep approach, working while we spend more time living like the locals and seeing every hidden gem and far flung beauty each destination has to offer.

Currently living in Vancouver (British Columbia), travel looks like cross-country road trips, camping in the awe-inspiring Canadian wilderness, and some incredible hiking! Spending time out in nature has also tuned me in to how important it is to care for our planet. I thrift, up cycle, and live minimally and I’m keen to share this way of living with you all too.

If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, thank you! I truly hope to provide some inspiration, travel tips and encouragement for those itching to chase their dreams… so if that’s your jam keep your eyes peeled.

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Abbie May Travel